Kinsale & Day Trips

Must See Places in Ireland: Newgrange and Knowth

We came to live in Ireland over five years ago, reinventing our life completely by moving from the United States to Ireland. We delight in the historic views of Ireland, but none more so than Newgrange and Knowth. These two megalithic tombs predate the stones at Stonehenge by 2000 years, making them one of the oldest sites opened to the public in the world. While not exactly a day trip out of Kinsale, as are most of the "must see places in Ireland" which we write about in these articles, most of our visitors to the Kinsale apartment traveled to Dublin. We highly recommend that anyone near the Dublin area take an extra day to see Newgrange and Knowth as they rate highest on our list of places to go in Ireland and everyone should see them when traveling in Ireland

Must See Places in Ireland: The Rock of Cashel

Ireland is our adopted home, and as many expats before us, we have come to love its history interwoven with the sheer beauty of the land as much, if not more, than those who were lucky enough to be born here. We reinvented our lives more than five years ago now, and we still delight in the short day trip out of Kinsale where we love to visit other historic views of Ireland. High on our list of places to go in Ireland is the Rock of Cashel. This article is one of a series on "must see places in Ireland" and is written for those staying in our short term let in Kinsale, or others considering accommodations in Kinsale or places to stay in Kinsale.